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Algeti, Kapanakhchi, Keshalo and Ambarovka

As a result of electricity grid rehabilitation April 20 from 07:00 hrs till 08:00 hrs electricity supply will be suspended to 1843 customers in Mtskheta at Giorgobiani, Ksani, Rustaveli, Tsereteli and nearby streets; On April 21 from 11:00 hrs till 18:00 hrs to 595 customers in Tskhvarichamia and Kevliani, 11:00 hrs till 14:00 hrs to 1550 customers in Algeti, Kapanakhchi, Keshalo and Ambarovka, 14:00 hrs till 18:00 hrs to 9515 customers in Marneuli and Tetritskaro region villages, 10:00 hrs till 17:00 hrs to 10600 customers in Khoni regional center and nearby villages.