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Energy supply of several villages of Gurjaani district will become more stable and reliable

logoJSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” has launched a full rehabilitation of 10 kW feeder in the village of Vazisubani in Gurjaani district. Works carried out will improve electricity supply of Vazisubani and adjacent village of Shashiani, Kalauri, Vachnadziani and Kakhifar. Construction works are intensively underway and their completion is planned by the end of November.

In line of the rehabilitation of feeder “Vazisubani”, company carried out works on replacing depreciated wooden poles with new, reinforced concrete ones. As a result of rehabilitation of network infrastructure, in these villages, number of emergency shut downs will be decreased to the minimum, electricity supply will become more stable and of a high quality.

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia continues network rehabilitation works throughout company service area in order to increase the reliability and stability of the electricity supply in the upcoming winter season.