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EPG completed individual re-metering of Vani Region Completely

Re-meteringIndividual re-metering of Vani region has been completed. Final works were carried out in village Kumuri, which customers will be able to pay their electricity bills according to one’s own electricity meter readings from the next month. Contemporary standard individual meters were installed to city of Vani and its nearby 27 villages’ residents, which is 100% of the population in the region.

Individual re-metering is not simple installation of an individual meter; mentioned process envisages 0.4 kV network rehabilitation during which infrastructure is being rehabilitated.

“Individual re-metering is one of the priority projects for our company. Technical service tries its best to carry on works efficiently, which facilitates improvement of the customer service. After the completion of re-metering process all company customers will be able to pay electricity bills based on the readings of their individual meters.” – reports the company.

According to the re-metering plan, by the end of July 2017 all EPG customers will be individually re-metered.