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Health Insurance

JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” is in complete ownership of Czech Republic Company “Energo-Pro A.S”. The Company started its activity at Georgian energy sector on June 29, 2007.


Energo-Pro Georgia is the largest Energy Company operating in Georgia by considering the number of customers, electricity sale and service area, which carries out electricity generation and distribution on its service territory. Energo-Pro Georgia owns and operates 15 medium size power plants.

The area of the Company Distribution covers more than 70% of Georgian territory. Energo-Pro Georgia supplies more than million customers with electricity, the number of the Company employees approximately amounts to 6000. The experience gained by our Company in energetics throughout the years determines the high quality of service and successful operation of Georgian Energy System.


JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia(and its daughter companies) announces tender on Full Health Insurance for 5000-5500 employees in Tbilisi and Regions:

Term for service to be carried out 01/01/2018- 31/12/2018 (1 year+1 service term is considered).

Please propose the following Insurance Package:


            a)   Full health insurance in form of 4 policies:

            1. The cost of minimal, lower, policy – GEL 14-16 individual package. The minimal insurance package will be funded by the company for all employees (the number of insured employees 60-70%);

            2. The cost of second policy – GEL 28-31 individual package (the number of insured employees 20-30%);

            3. The cost of third policy – GEL 75-78 individual package (the number of insured employees – no more than 5%);

            4. The cost of maximum, highest policy – GEL 90 individual package (the number of insured employees – no more than 5%).

          b) Family members- wife and children (wife despite of the age and the children with minumum age of 18 years). In case of the family with two members (spouses, parent-child) 1+1 type insurance package;

c) At least two types of insurance policy for additional family members (sisters and brothers with their families including 75 years, parents including 75 years, policy of additional family members should not worsen conditions of  employee policy);

      d)  Travel Insurance;

      e) Life Insurance;

      f)  Accidents Insurance.


Required terms that should be met by the Insurance Company:

-         The Insurance Company should assign the family doctor, the cabinet of whom will be placed at the Head Office (Tbilisi) with daily work schedule and at the regional offices (Telavi, Khashuri, Kutaisi, Batumi) with the schedule agreed in advance;

-         Insurance Company’s service area should cover all regions of Georgia – should have service provider medical facilities and assigned family doctors in all cities throughout Georgia;

-         The reimbursement of the expenses of medical care included in municipal health care programs and general medical insurance should not be included in the list of exceptions (insured employees should not be referred to general medical insurance);

-         Reimbursement process in case of double insurance, including municipal health care programs and general medical insurance, should not affect insured employees (this issue should be resolved between insurance companies);

-         Insured person should be able to visit any medical facility, doctor, pharmacy;

-         Everyone, regardless of the company structure and hierarchy, should have the right to use upper insurance policies;

-         Flexible system (preferably electronic) of medical services reimbursement;

-         The acting electronic booking appointments system in clinics and electronic notes;

-         In the attached file, please see the health insurance policies and conditions defined by the company.



Tender proposals should include the following information:


  1. 1.       List of prices in the  attached documents according to the given policies;
  2. 2.       Detailed listing of offered service;
  3. 3.       Payment terms;
  4. 4.       List of your Company Providers, Pharmacies and Clinics;
  5. 5.       Administration Rule (terms for the costs reimbursement, necessary documents and procedure); 
  6. 6.       Draft version of the Contract;
  7. 7.       Detailed list of exceptions – what is not the subject to reimbursement.


Please submit the tender materials at the Head Office of JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia”, Tbilisi, Zurab Anjaparidze str. N19. Please, also submit the electronic version of insurance proposals at the following e-mail address:



The deadline for submitting insurance proposals is: September 18, 2017.


Please refer to us in regards with the content of Tender issues:


JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” Georgia.

Head Office, Zurab Anjaparidze Street N 19

Phone: (+99577) 35 00 46