Energy for bright future!


JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia is wholly owned by the ENERGO-PRO a.s., a Czech based company. The company entered Georgian energy market on June 29, 2007. Measured in number of customers served, sales and service territory, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia represents one of the biggest energy companies in the region.

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia is the member of ENERGO-PRO Group, which unites energy utilities in Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and Armenia. The market value of ENERGO-PRO Group assets today exceeds EUR 650 million.

In future, we plan to expand our business further; we are actively involved in electricity exchange with Georgia’s neighbouring countries: Turkey, Russia, Armenia and etc. We are constructing electricity transmission lines and promoting electricity barter mechanisms as well as increasing volume of electricity transmitted.

To provide efficient energy supply to all our customers, since the establishment onwards, we made vast investments in the development and maintenance of company owned renewable energy objects, rehabilitation of grid infrastructure and service improvement.

Our business objective is to provide secure means for energy sector development; therefore, we will continue to take action towards creating a sustainable energy environment for our customers and Georgian community in general.