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History in Brief

When entering Georgian energy market in year 2007, through direct sale under Assets Sale and Purchase Agreement (ASPA) EPG purchased 6 medium size hydro power plants (Atsi HPP, Rioni HPP, Gumati HPP Cascade, Dzevri HPP, Shaori HPP and Ladjanuri HPP) and two energy distribution companies (Adjara Energy Company and United Energy Distribution Company); later on our activity in Georgia started to develop into successful business, making us the largest energy generation and distribution utility in the country.

At present we manage and maintain 15 medium and small size hydro power plants with total capacity of 469,25 MW. Our generation assets include Rioni HPP (installed capacity 48 MW), Gumati Cascade (1 installed capacity 44 MW and 2 22,8 MW), Shaori HPP (installed capacity 38,4 MW), Dzevrula HPP (installed capacity 80 MW), Ladjanuri HPP (installed capacity 112,5 MW), Atsi HPP (installed capacity 16 MW), Iori Cascade (Sioni HPP 9,14 MW, Satskhenisi HPP 14 MW, Martkopi HPP 3,84 MW), Chitakhevi HPP (installed capacity 21 MW), Ortachala HPP (installed capacity 18 MW), Zahesi (installed capacity 36,8 MW), Kinkisha HPP (installed capacity 1,4MW) and Chkhori HPP (installed capacity 3,35 MW). Also we maintain and operate Gardabani gas turbine power plant with total capacity 110 MW.

Apart from abundant generation facilities, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia is the largest private owner of distribution assets. Our service area spreads over 58 846 km2 (covers 85% of Georgian land plot) with total number of customers exceeding 1 200 000.

In August 2017, company purchased Kakheti Energy Distribution Company.

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia is the largest employer, which employs 6000 professionals. We create work places and offer equal employment opportunity for employment in regions.