Energy for bright future!


Distribution area of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia covers 47 265 km2, which is 70% of Georgian land plot. We serve over a million grid customers. Our electricity network maintains electricity transmission and distribution. Electricity transmission is a vital link between electricity generation and consumption. Through transmission lines electricity is being transmitted at high voltages from power plants to communities. At first electricity transmitted through transmission lines is reduced to low voltages at substations and later our distribution network delivers the power to your households and workplaces.

  • High voltage grid – Improvement of 35/110 kV high voltage electricity grid infrastructure;
  • High voltage substations -Rehabilitation of HV 110/35 kV substations, in terms of reliability;
  • Transformers – 0.4/6/10 kV transformers rehabilitation (decrease of breakdown possibility);
  • Individual re-metering of company customers 0.4 kV grid rehabilitation.