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Individual re-metering & grid rehabilitation

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia actively conducts individual re-metering activities of the customers. Individual re-metering envisages installation of European standard modern individual meters to every single customer. Company will bill a customer according to the reading taken from one’s own individual meter; therefore, a customer will be able to control volume of one’s own electricity consumption according to one’s own requirements.

Worth mentioning is that individual re-metering is not solely the process of meter installation, it also maintains electricity grid rehabilitation. As a result of electricity grid rehabilitation old depreciated wooden poles are being replaced by new reinforced concrete ones, on and underground cable systems are being completely renewed, transformer units are being repaired, new electricity transmission lines are being stretched and etc. As a result of all the above, grid infrastructure improves a lot, this eventually results in high quality service and stabile electricity supply of JSC ENERGO-PRO Customers.