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Safety Rules


Always Remember!

Touching the torn air lines and lowered wires, also approaching the cable which is on the ground, may cause electric injury of a human!

Do NOT approach the wire on the ground closer than 8 meters

Do NOT touch cables on the ground, in channels and wells! Remember that they are under voltage and approaching them may cause fatal results!

When detecting fallen wire, organize safety of the place and inform employee of Energy Company as soon as possible!

It is restricted to construct any facility, make fire, plant a tree, place hey, tents, reload and warehouse materials under the air line; install aerials near cables and conduct works using metal devises!

It is restricted to make self-connection to the network and conduct any activities by oneself in this regard!

Do NOT touch bare and insulation-less cables or wires in buildings or homes! Do NOT touch electricity bulb jacks from the inside and do not change electricity bulb without standing on insulated stand (dry wooden board)! It is dangerous for life, especially in cellars, earth facilities and on the wet floor!

If you detect danger like tearing up of lines, falling of lines and poles, lowering of cables to the ground, strong sparkling near electric devices, fire and etc., electric injury of cattle or humans, immediately inform regional service centre of the energy company!

Prohibit children to climb on the roofs of the buildings, which stand near electricity lines, climbing the electricity poles, playing under the lines, throwing wires and other stuff on the cables, making fire, breaking insulators and outdoor lightings; also opening the distribution shields, power boxes, transformer substation doors, where warning signs are located!

It is prohibited:

To conduct construction, land and explosive activities, warehousing of materials, wood, stroke, placing tents, hey and other facilities, making fire, planting trees, mounting stadiums, sport complexes, arrange walking and entertainment activities, driving trucks, combines, tractors, cars and other vehicles which height exceeds 4.5 meters under the electricity lines!