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Gumati HPP Cascade

Hydro power plants Gumati HPP I and Gumati HPP II are united under Gumati HPP cascade and they use the middle flow of the river on 12 km section from the village Zhoneti till Rioni HPP water reservoir. There is a 30 m. height gravity dam constructed in 7 km north-west from Kutaisi creating water reservoir with 13 mln cubic meters useful water reserve.

Gumati HPP I

The first level of Gumati HPP cascade is a 24 hour regulated hydro power plant, located near the dam-Gumati HPP I. The plant was put into operation in 1958. Its installed capacity is 46.7 MW and rated annual capacity 249 GWh.

Gumati HPP II

The second level of Gumati HPP cascade is represented by Gumati HPP II, which is a diversion type hydroelectric plant. The plant uses water which passes through turbines of Gumati HPP I, supplied to Gumati HPP II. The plant was put into operation in 1956. Its installed capacity is 22.8 MW and rated average annual capacity is 127 GWh.