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Employment procedures

Qualified candidates who will to work with us have the opportunity to participate in vacancy competitions. Information about competition is being placed on the company web page and employment search web agencies. Competition comprises of several stages and starts from submission and revision of applicants application form and resume. Candidates selected for the second stage will undertake professional tests and in case of success will be invited for an interview. All candidates are evaluated equally by standard terms and all of the candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skills. Candidates are invited to participate a day in advance before the testing. Each stage of the competition is transparent, while results – countable. Deriving from that candidates with higher scores move to the next stage and receive employment proposal.

One of the major goals of our company is creation of professional cadres’ resource oriented on development and professional growth. Accordingly, on the bases of practical training Company is oriented to employ personnel with high qualification, develop their skills and abilities.

Recruitment for 7th circle positions

In frame of internship program, EPG offers its potential employees practical training for 7th circle positions:

  1. Technician
  2. Technician-electrician
  3. Duty electrician
  4. Driver electrician
  5. Duty driver electrician
  6. Electrician
  7. Duty on substation
  8. Billing operator

To be recruited for these positions you must undertake internship program. After the internship you will be enrolled into transparent employment process, where evaluation criteria is utterly determined and all candidates are given equal opportunity for employment.

Internship program

To undertake the internship candidate must fill in the Application form  and refer to HR division/ specialist of corresponding branch.

Candidate selected for the internship will enroll into study program and will be given corresponding assignments, which will be supervised by special mentor. Appointed mentor will be experienced person of similar or higher position at JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia.

During the internship period mentor provides adequate preparation of an intern. In case of need, mentor will give all corresponding theoretical materials to the intern and after the completion of internship, evaluates how successfully an intern learnt materials determined by the program and prepares personal recommendation.

Duration of internship:

Internship period is determined from 1 till 6 months. on the bases of mutual agreement, internship period may prolong for no longer than 6 months.


Testing for interns who plan to apply for vacancy at 7th circle positions will be carried out quarterly  (per annum in March, June, September and December on every 15th  and  16th date, the test duration 1 hour 30 minutes, tests are held in Tbilisi, #19 Z.Anjaparidze). You may find the test materials at the following link:

examination tasks for interns (geo):

electrician, electrician on duty, driver electrician on duty, driver electrician

technician, technician-electrician

substation person on duty

examination tasks for interns (rus):

electrician, electrician on duty, driver electrician on duty, driver eleqtrician

technician, technician-electrician

substation person on duty

Right to participate in testing is granted to all persons enrolled into internship program for no less than a month and having the recommendation given by head appropriate structural unit.

All profession type issues which are envisaged by test will be placed on company web page no less than 1 month prior, which will give opportunity to all applicants to prepare.

The test includes the following tasks:

# tasks number of test questions
technician, technion-electrician
1 Billing 6
2 regulatory comission tasks 12
3 tasks on commmercial issues 25
4 first aid 2
5 fire safety 2
6 technical exploation rules 4
7 safety techniques rules 4
8 general skills 5
total 60
electrician, electrician on duty, driver electrician on duty, driver electician
1 first aid 5
2 fire safety 5
3 technical exploation rules 10
4 safety techniques rules 30
5 regulatory comission tasks 5
6 general skills 5
total 60
substation person on duty
1 first aid 5
2 fire safety 5
3 technical exploation rules 15
4 safety techniques rules 30
5 general skills 5
total 60

Test includes general skills tests (verbal and numerical), which will not be placed on the web page in advance, however their analogues can be searched in the internet.

You may find additional materials regarding the other issues at the following link:

Additional Materials

Testing results and calculation of data:

On the bases of testing the following 3 decisions are being made:

  1. Candidate received highest test score, he may be appointed to the vacancy;
  2. Candidate received high score and is registered at the potential employees’ reserve; (persons in the potential employees’ reserve will be employed in accordance to sequence of the rating of total scores received).
  3. Candidate failed to receive minimum pass score and received negative evaluation.


At first interns with the highest testing scores will be presented to the vacancies. Apart from the score, prioritized employment location indicated by the applicant in the application form will be envisaged as well.

For the appointment to the position applicant should submit filled in Application Form and necessary documents listed in the link.


Good luck!