EPG actively conducts ecological activities

08 May, 2014
Ecological norms at HPPs owned by JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia are being maximally protected. Maintenance and protection of ecosystems is one of the mostly significant priorities of the company. At present JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia owns and operates 14 hydro and 1 gas power plant, where systematic control is being carried out in regard to environmental protection. All power plants respond to the environmental protection requirements to the maximum; cases of environmental pollution have been decreased to the minimum at the substations, preventive activities for possible leakage of oil at transformer points are being carried out systematically. Oil quality is systematically controlled; for example as a result of the check at Sioni HPP remaining oil residuals were checked and it was determined that consistency of toxic and dangerous substances (Polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs) not only does not exceed the permitted level, but are far lower than the established norm. Mentioned is very significant for the security of ecological environment.

Company conducts water quality monitoring throughout the whole year. In particular every 3 month ecologue of the company takes the water samples to the certified lab and checks the marginal-possible concentration, which not only is within the norm but is even far lower and clean. Water flown from Iori Cascade goes to Tbilisi sea and after passing corresponding instances is supplied to population.

“We develop projects in generation and distribution which completely meet environmental requirements. With our actions we try to the maximum to eliminate and prevent negative consequences of environmental impact through ecological self-monitoring”, – said ecologist of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia Mariam Mchedlishvili.

Company personnel who have direct relation to the technical operation of power plants systematically undertakes trainings and tests in regard to environmental protection and safety, which increases their qualification in the field.

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia is a company well-versed in its social and environmental responsibility. On April 22, 2014 EPG received gratitude certificate from Ministry of Environmental Protection of Georgia for participation in Green Business competition.