Fire-rescue simulation was held at the Gardabani gas turbine power plant gPower

11 March, 2016
Today, fore-rescue service brigades were mobilized at Gardabani gas turbine power plant. Fire-rescue trainings were held at LLC gPower, the daughter company of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia. Fire-rescue simulation was held at the Gardabani gas turbine power plant, during which complete evacuation of the plant personnel was announced and in the locations of the staged fire rescue brigades were positioned. According to the scenario to extinguish the fire artificially ignited at one of the turbines of gPower energy block, rescue service was completely mobilized and by means of the water vim put out the fire at the turbine. Apart from that in frame of the training, simulation was held at the chemical solutions’ storage container. Following the scenario the chemical substances leaked in the container causing fire, which later was liquidated by the rescue service.

The kind of observatory fire-alarm trainings were held for the first time at LLC gPwoer gas turbine power plant. The goal of the training was coordinated action of the plant personnel and fire-rescue service during the fire ignition at the gas turbine power plant, also development of the corresponding skills and competences. In future JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia plans to implement the alike practice at the company owned hydro power plants.