Only in Year 2014 EPG plans to invest GEL 50 000 000

15 Nov, 2013
JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia continues investments. Only in year 2014 company plans to invest GEL 50 000 000 in electricity grid rehabilitation, individual re-metering and rehabilitation of hydro power plants.

“Mentioned amount will be completely directed onto the projects which imply electricity grid rehabilitation activities and individual re-metering of our customers following the plan. Part of the amount will be used for the rehabilitation projects to be carried out at the company owned HPPs” – said general director of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia Nikolay Nikolov.

Since the entrance to Georgian energy market in 2007 until now company has carried out GEL 52 330 000 investment in the Generation and GEL 439 126 000 in the distribution.

As a result of investments works which have been executed significantly improved condition of the grid and its safety and increase efficiency of electricity generation, which results in decreased probability of emergency shut downs and accordingly improves customer service quality.