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Gardabani gas turbine electricity station – Gpower is the first successful attempt to implement the newest energetic technologies. The Gardabani electric station Pratt and Whitney is an energy facility built on the basis of Power Systems FT8 type gas turbines. 

At this time the nominal capacity of the electric station is 110 megawatts, although the Gardabani gas turbine electric station is gas turbine superstructure of a combined cycle working gas-steam electricity station. That is why its productivity may be raised in case of new investments. The exploitation term of the electricity station is 25 years. The total amount of the investment made amounts USD 53 800 000. The Gardabani gas turbine electricity station was put into operation on January 23, 2006. Gardabani gas turbine was purchased by the Ltd. G-power daughter company of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia from “Energy invest” in December 2010.
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