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Gumati Cascade

Gumati HPP cascade’s consisting hydro power plants, Gumati-1 HPP and Gumati-2 HPP consider energetically use of middle section of river Rioni on 12 km zone from village Zhoneti to Rioni HPP water reservoir. 7 km distance from Kutaisi, with northern-west direction, on the river Rioni is built of 30 m high concrete gravitational dam, which creates 13.0-mln m3 live storage water reservoir.


Gumati HPP I


Gumati-1 HPP is daily regulation, ROR type plant. Plant was put into exploitation in 1958 year. HPP’s design generation is 249.0-mln kW.h.

Reconstruction of №3, №2 hydropower units was carried out; As a result the installed capacity of HPP increased to 48.4 MW instead of the projected 44.0 MW.


Gumati II HPP


Derivation type hydro power plant Gumati II HPP, represents the second stage of Gumati HPP cascade. Gumati II HPP is supplied by the Gumati II HPP’s used water with derivation channel.

Gumati II HPP was put into exploitation in 1956 year. Its design-installed capacity is 22.8 MW, design generation of HPP is 127.0-mln kW.h.

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