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Ortachala HPP

Ortachala HPP is ROR (buttress) type and low-head station. It is built in Tbilisi, on the river Mtkvari, at Ortachala Bridge. Additionally to producing electricity HPP solves the problem of raising the level of the river in the city Tbilisi, and serves as a bridge.

In the previous century of 50s, Ortachala HPP construction on the River Mtkvari has provided watering of Mtkvari riverbed, in the Tbilisi city frameworks during the low-water period. 

Until the HPP construction Mtkvari riverbed has been greatly baring and high walls had been bringing in sharp dissonance in the general ensemble of landmarks of Tbilisi city. After building Ortachala HPP, surrounding areas of river subordinated to modern approaches to city development. 

Ortachala HPP was put into exploitation in 1954 year. It works with seasonal schedule, without regulation. HPP design-installed capacity is 18.0 MW, design generation of electro energy – 90.0-mln kW.h. 
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