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Increase of the capacity or new connections

In attention of the persons willing to increase capacity of the existing customer or new connection!

In August 2017, peak electricity consumption of Batumi city exceeded 93 MW, which in comparison to the consumption in 2016 is 12% more. Due to this peak load at the substations in Batumi (Batumi 2, Batumi 5 and etc) exceeds 80%, therefore reserving capacity is getting impossible. Deriving from this, to provide expected loads and stabile electricity supply of Adjara, it became necessary to conduct rehabilitation/reconstruction works at 110 kV transmission line Erge 1. In frame of the project, to conduct the works, EPG has already concluded agreements with contractors. However, after planning all the preliminary preparation activities, as soon as contractors commenced the work, owners and population, possessing land plots alongside the territory owned by EPG under the line Erge 1, expressed their sever resistance towards the process of rehabilitation/reconstruction of the line. In particular, population hindered the working process carried out by the contractors, therefore paralyzing the project completely.

Until the completion of reconstruction/rehabilitation works at Erge 1, in frame of the existing network the company is not able to satisfy additional applications for capacity increase or new connection in Batumi.

After the regulation of the mentioned problem, working process will continue in an ordinary regime. Information regarding completion of works at Erge 1 will be placed at company web page.