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How to become a consumer of 0.380 kV voltage

Transfer from 0.220 kV voltage to 0.380 kV voltage by the customer existing up to 10 kW

If 0,220 kV voltage residential customer owns 0.380 kV voltage electrical device that was connected to the distribution network, herewith total connecting capacity of customers does not exceed 10 kV, customer is authorized to request arrangement of 0.380 kV voltage metering knot instead of 0.220 kV voltage metering knot in the following way:

a) Customer should address to the distribution licensee upon the application and provide arrangement of 0.380 kV voltage metering knot himself/herself. In this case, distribution licensee is obliged to transfer technical specificcation for free within 2 weeks period from receipt.

b) Through distribution licensee, in case of arrangement of 0.380 kV voltage metering knot, distribution licensee is liable to provide replacement of metering knot. And customer is obliged to reimburse expenses spent for replacement-arrangement/assembly of metering knot that does not exceed GEL 250 including VAT.

Considering the above-mentioned conditions/terms the customer should address to the company with the corresponding request.

Bank requisites on which the payent for voltage change fee is to be carried out:

  • Name of recipient bank: JSC «TBC Bank»
  • Account Number: GE32TB7015336030100006
  • Destination: Cost of voltage change (indicated the name of the applicant and actual address of teh object)

Filled in application can be sent on the following e-mail address: