How to become a company customer?

Temporary Connection

If there is necessity of connection to the temporary distribution network for fulfilling of residential, construction or/and other purposes, the mentioned activity needs preliminary agreement with JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” and JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” should enable the interested person (including retail consumer) to use temporarily those power appliances (current receivers) that are foreseen by the below-mentioned Rule:
  • Temporary connnection to the distribution network and arranging of metering knot in case of necessity is not obligation of distribution licensee, the above-mentioend should be performed upon preliminary agreement of the interested person with distribution licensee (standard temporary connection);
  • Parties can agree on the method of power plant (current receiver) connection to the network, usage and billing without individual metering. By taking into consideration that electricity billing with mutual agreement method without individual metering is single time and should be not exceed three calendar months (non-standard temporary connection);
  • In case when defining of total volume of electricity consumed as result of power plant (power plants) usage is impossible and agreement between them does not foresee other condition, billing should be carried out based on the multiple of used appliance installed capacity, 0,5 coeficient of its usage coefficient and its 8 hours usage through a day. Billing by such method is single time and should not exceed three calendar months.
  • Person willing to be temporarily connected should inform the distribution licensee what term does he/she need for connection to the distribution network. During expiration of the mentioned term (unless otherwise agreed on other terms ) the distibution licensee is authorized to require the cost of new consumers connection to distribution network from temporary connected consumer established by the Rules and terminate electricity supply to the consumer in case of non-payment.