94% of EPG customers are already individually re-metered

13 May, 2016
JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia actively continues individual re-metering activities in the regions. The company serves over 1 mln customers, 94% out of which have already been individually re-metered, by the end of the year the figure will increase and 98% of the company customers will be able to use European standard individual meters.

From January of the ongoing month company has re-metered 4500 customers in 34 villages; the investment scope of this very project amounted GEL 1 575 000.

At present EPG carries out individual re-metering activities in 57 villages. Individual re-metering does not mean only installation of individual meters, it maintains the rehabilitation of network as well, in frame of which depreciated poles and cables in the low voltage 0.4 kV network are being replaced with new ones.

„Individual re-metering continues actively, as in fact individual re-metering project one of the priority projects for our company. Our technical team tries its best to provide works efficiently, which helps us to facilitate high quality service for our customers. After the complete fulfillment of the re-metering project, our company will carry out more investments in the medium and high voltage networks” – said High and Low Voltage Network Manager EPG Grigol Mamiseishvili.

According to the individual re-metering plan, by the end of 2016 company plans to install individual meters to 40 000 customers, which means allocation of 14 000 000 GEL investment and the project is completely financed by EPG.