Customers of EPG will use new SMS service

02 Feb, 2017
For the improvement of the customer service and increase of its efficiency, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia implemented new sms service. In case of a customer wants to receive information on the phone about one’s own electricity arrears, a customer must send sms to the phone number 91573 with digit 3 in the text. Customer will receive sms after the application to the company service center or call the hot line (0322471707) or register at the customer’s page ( at the web page of EPG ( Apart from that customers will be able to receive other information about the services via sms.

In case a customer wants to revise information from the last sms received, he must send digit 1 to the indicated number. In case customer dials digit 2 and indicates new cell number, old number in the system will be replaced with the new one and a customer will receive sms to the new cell number.

In view of the customer service, Call Center operates at EPG. The Call Center works 24 hours a day. Any time during the day customers may contact the customer service and receive favorable information. Call center may be reached at: 0322471707. Apart from that customers may post at EPG through the company social web page or write to e-mail:

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia will continue working in the direction of the customer service improvement and implement new projects.