Electricity Consumption in Adjara Increased by 25 % for the last one year

06 July, 2018
In year 2017 pick load of Batumi city and Kobuleti exceeded 117 MW/hrs, which is by 25% more than for the same period in 2016; cases of new connections also have been increased, enhancing demand on electricity. To satisfy the demand, it is necessary to provide new capacities, which is impossible at present due to the technical condition of HV line “Erge 1”. Mentioned line had been constructed in the 30ies of the 20th century. Therefore, capital reconstruction and repair of the line is necessary for the improvement of the line capacity at least twice; This on the other hand will provide secure and stable energy supply of Batumi and Kobuleti.

With regards to the reconstruction of 110 kV transmission line Erge 1, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia along with the representatives of the ministry of economics and GNEWRC held a meeting with representatives of local and self governments in Adjara and NGOs. They were once again explained that Erge 1 represents one of the central energy supply lines to Adjara autonomous republic. Through this line expected loads will be satisfied and new connections provided. Representatives of EPG also presented a conclusion made by professors and experts of the Georgian Technical University, according to which after the line rehabilitation, all safety norms will be secured. Therefore there will be no danger to the health of locals. Distance from the land to the wire will be increased more and all the safety activities will be carried out.

Erge 1 is the property owned by EPG, which is completely registered and accordingly installation of the poles will take place at the same land plots. First stage of rehabilitation project costs GEL 6 mln. After the completion of the reconstruction works, HV Line Erge 1 will be the source of contemporary high quality electricity supply in Adjara.