ENERGO-PRO made the presentation of 2019 annual report in Kvemo Kartli

30 January, 2020

Management of ENERGO-PRO presented 2019 summoning annual report of the company to representatives of media in Rustavi.

Only last year company carried out 112.2 mln GEL investment, paid GEL 122 mln to state budget. Investments carried out were applied to low and high voltage network rehabilitation projects as well as rehabilitation of generation objects. As a result of Gumati 1 HPP and Rioni HPP rehabilitation, additional capacity of 4,7 MW was added to Georgian Energy System.

Electricity purchased and transmitted in 2019 in total amounted 5 381 mln kW/hrs, while distributed and transmitted electricity totaled 4 844 mln kW/hrs. Losses in the network amounted 537 mln kW/hrs, which is 9.97 %.

In 2019 Significant, activities were carried out at high voltage substations Batuimi 1, Batumi 2, Zugdidi 2, Bakisubani, Borjomi 2, Mestia, Bakuriani, Gudauri, Patara Rustavi, Marjvena Sanapiro. 35-10 kV cells, power transformers, 35 kV and 10-6 kV distribution fields were installed at the mentioned substations. At other substations 10 kV distribution fields’ buildings were repaired, 110 kV breakers and disconnectors were installed, 110 kV current and voltage transformers installed. New substation “Stadium” was built in Batumi, 35-10 kV new cells and power transformer were installed in these substations.
In addition, a 35 kV cable line connecting the Batumi 2 and Batumi Stadium substations was constructed; 110 kV power transmission line "Erge 1" was doublechaned; Rehabilitation of 35 kV transmission line "Tsemi 1" was carried out.

Prophylactic activities were carried out at 23 substations where SCADA system was introduced. Namely, SCADA system installation, structural works and testing-commissioning were carried out at substations "Batumi-3", "Batumi-5", "Makhinjauri", "Poti-1", "Iveria"; SCADA system audit, prevention and testing was carried out at substations “Bakuriani”, “Gudauri”, “Poti-4”, “Goderdzi”, “Tetritskaro”; SCADA system has also been tested at substations "Chiatura-1", "Chiatura-2", "Chiatura-3", "Chiatura-4", "Chiatura-5", "Tkibuli-1", "Tkibuli-2", "Tkibuli" -3 ”.

In 2019, in order to improve electricity supply, projects were implemented in both low and high voltage grids. Within the framework of 6/10 kV network rehabilitation project 8 227 poles, 593 275 meters of cables, 53 104 meters of underground cables and 586 new transformers were installed. Within the framework of 0.4 kV network rehabilitation project 10 446 poles and 721 784 meters of SIP cables were installed. As for the new connection project, 26 934 poles, 768 363 meters of SIP cables, 816 545 meters of cables, 92 285 meters of 6/10 kV cables and 705 pc 6 / 10-0.4 kV transformers were installed. Substations and transformer stations were also repaired.

Large-scale projects were implemented at Gumati 1, Rioni and Chkhorotsku hydropower plants. After the reconstruction of the second Hydro Power unit of Gumati 1 Hydro Power Plant, the installed capacity of HPP increased by 1.7 MW to 48.4 MW. The total capacity of Gumat HPP Cascade became 71.2 MW. After the completion of similar works, the installed capacity of Rioni HPP increased by 3 MW and amounted to 54 MW.

The following projects have been launched in 2019 and will be completed by 2020: Rehabilitation of Gumati 2 HPP # 3 unit, Rehabilitation of Zahesi HPP #6 Unit, Rehabilitation of Lajanuri HPP #3 Unit, Rehabilitation of Dzevrula HPP #2 Unit. In total electricity generated by the company owned 15 hydropower plants amounted to 1 554 425 MW/hrs.

Apart from that number of significant and successful projects were implemented at Gardabani gas turbine power plant.

One of the key strategic priorities for the company remains high customer service quality. Number of significant activities have been taken in this direction in 2019. Customer Relations Management Program has been improved. The Call Center personnel and Customer Relations Specialists were trained in sector-specific legislation and improved service quality.

In terms of gender equality and professional advancement for women, in 2019 JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia won the “Millennium Challenge Fund – Georgia” competition „Business for Gender Equality” in the large business sector.
As for the Energy Sector Popularization Project, Summer Student Employment Program, which provides recruitment of young, professional staff, continues.

At the meeting the issue of Mestia electricity supply problem, unreasonably increased consumption and electricity theft facts were discussed separately. It was noted that in December 2019 electricity consumption of Upper Svaneti exceeded total consumption of 19 regions population.

“We have presented the regional press 2019 Annual Report, also discussed company plans for 2020. We have presented a number of important and successful projects that have been completed in 2019. We discussed improved results in various directions, of course, as well as the shortcomings and challenges that are the main objective of the company. We believe that 2020 will be one of the most important years for the development of the company,” - said Mikhail Botsvadze, Director General of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia.

According to him, the company welcomes the implementation of European regulations and the establishment of a new market model in the country. These changes will guarantee maximum market liberalization, increased competition and investment in the sector. Consequently, on the one hand, the quality of service will be improved, and on the other hand, the volume of investments in hydro-power plants owned by ENERGO-PRO will increase.