EPG Constructs a new transmission line

12 September, 2014
ENERGO-PRO Georgia constructed new 110 kV high voltage transmission line. 12 km line Nigvziani connecting 110 kV substation in Lanchkhuti-Tseva to 110 kV substation Poti 2. The line is of a strategic value as it will increase electricity supply stability and provide opportunity for transmission of increased capacities. Project value reaches up to GEL 3.5 mln.

Line Nigvziani will provide electricity supply to Ureki and Poti regions. Until now the regions were supplied by 110 kV line Chaladidi; and when Nigvziani is put into operation, in frame of stability of the energy supply, the regions will have an alternative source; which in fact serves as a guarantee for uninterrupted electricity supply and stability. Construction of the line will be completed by the end of September.

“Electricity supply stability of Ureki and Poti regions will increase by 100%. Which means that during the emergency and planned suspensions in 110 kV when rehabilitation is being conducted, electricity supply to the mentioned regions will not be stopped. Because of the alternative supply during emergency it will be possible to supply the lectricity to Lanchkhuti, Ozurgeti, Chokhatauri, Kobuileti, Santredia, Khoni and Batumi part of the customers” – said technical manager of EPG Aleko Nemsadze.