EPG is working on the creation of new Training Center

29 January, 2015
Soon ENERGO-PRO Georgia will open a new training center, which will correspond to European standards. Training center will be created at the company basis and will be filled with qualified trainers. The goal of the training center is to conduct professional and qualification trainings as well as re-training and education of company employees or potential employees. Operation of the training center will facilitate increase of qualification of cadres; assist them in realization of their potential and development of professional skills.

EPG training center will conduct internal as well as external type trainings. Qualified trainers will hold class type group learning, also it will be possible to take electronic courses and what is most important – undertake study practice, which is significantly important for persons working in energy field.

Persons, who will undertake professional study courses or trainings at EPG training center, will be granted certificates; while persons with best results will be given an opportunity of an employment at JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia.

Apart from that EPG training center is significant as it provides the opportunity of service to other companies; in particular, EPG training center will be able to hold qualification trainings or study courses following the order of any other company or physical entity.

Conduct of study courses and trainings, in accordance with qualification requirements of the order initiator, will be possible at the training facility, which is specially created for this purposes at EPG central office building. Training room will be completely equipped with modern technologies according to European standards.