EPG offers employment to future students of professional study facilities

16 April, 2014
EPG starts new employment project. According to the company decision all the students who will satisfy the competition requirements and be enrolled into the professional study facilities for the specialization of electrician, welder and other related fields, will receive GEL 150-200 stipends from the company during the study period. At the final stage of the learning students will be given opportunity to undertake 1-3 months internship at the company with future employment perspective. EPG and Ministry of Education will conclude memorandum regarding this.

“The goal of the project is to support and increase motivation of young generation in Georgian regions to receive professional education. Mentioned project will assist the popularization of the field as well. Apart from that students will be given an opportunity to get employed at the company in future and promote their career growth. Major emphasis will be made on the students residing in high mountainous regions” – said Director General of EPG Nikolay Nikolov.

Persons willing to receive the stipend must refer to the company with an application before April 27 (HQ or regional offices), or fill in the application form at company web page. After the application selection there will be an interview with successful candidates who in case of enrollment into the professional study facility will receive the stipend.

Competition requirements are as follow: the candidate must be no more than 35 years old, citizen of Georgia, posses secondary education at least and speak English or Russian at the beginner level at least.

Orphanages will also enroll in the mentioned project along with EPG. HRD of the company plans to meet with the Managers of orphanages. The goal of the meeting will be create opportunity and give motivation to foster children of the orphanages who start independent life to take exams at professional facilities. The company will pay the students the stipend and provide opportunity for their future employment.