EPG offers employment to students of professional study facilities

20 June, 2014
Today EPG concluded agreement with 5 students of professional study facilities. During the 10 months study period company will pay the students GEL 150 tuition. After the graduation students will undertake 1 month internship at the company and will be employed afterwards. Agreement between EPG and students was concluded at Kutaisi professional Study Facility “Iberia”. Students were chosen from Kutaisi, Ozurgeti and Kobuleti professional facilities “Iberia”, “Horison” and “New Wave”.
In frame of the project of the employment of the students from the professional study facilities, EPG has already concluded agreement with 12 students.

Student employment project will continue and in its second stage, which will be held presumably in Autumn of the ongoing year EPG plans to enroll 12 more students.

“The goal of the project is to support and increase motivation of young generation in Georgian regions to receive professional education. Mentioned project will assist the populatization of the field as well. Apart from that students will be given an opportunity to get employed at the company in future and promote their career growth. Major emphasis will be made on the students residing in high mountainous regions” – said Director General of EPG Nikolay Nikolov.