Fake offer is spread on behalf of JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia”

10 January, 2023

On behalf of JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” fake advertising announcement is spread  in social networks and video platforms. Authors of the deceitful scheme try to attract  amount through classic financial   pyramid. JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia”  categorically declares that the spread statement is false and has no connection  with the company activity. 

In the spread virus video  citizens of Georgia and visitors of the country are  called in Russian language to fund into the  vague financial operation. Energy company  calls for the  citizens  not to be deceived by such  fraudulent offers and not to be registered  on their platforms. At present  legal and  information technology services of the company are working for the possibility to  restrict the fraudulent statement. 

JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” is one of the largest company that represents the  EU country in Georgia. It is the part of Czech Company which is operating  in energy sector in few member countries of EU and out of the boundaries.  JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia”  is also one of the largest  employer company in Georgia.