For the improvement of electricity supply in Gudauri, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia carried out GEL 20 000 investment

10 October, 2016
JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia completed HV network rehabilitation in Daba Gudauri. As a result of rehabilitation grid infrastructure has been improved significantly, which fosters stable and secure electricity supply of Daba Gudauri resort on winter touristic season. JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia invested GEL 20 000 for the implementation of the mentioned project.

Rehabilitation activities started in September of the ongoing year and continued for two weeks. In frame of rehabilitation activities new HV poles have been installed, transformer points have been rehabilitated where modern standard protections have been installed; as for the liquidation of the emergency break downs and timely conduct of relevant switches 2 HV breakers were installed. During the process of the rehabilitation company technical brigade and corresponding heavy technique were completely mobilized.

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia serves up to 2000 customers in Daba Gudauri. During the rehabilitation activities electricity supply of company customers was carried out through alternative sources; therefore the supply of the mentioned region was stable.