In March JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia satisfied all customers' applications regarding distribution or delay of the electricity bills

02 April, 2020
The company took into account particularly difficult situation in the country, and satisfied applications of all customers in March regarding distribution or delay of payment for electricity consumed in February. Moreover, an unprecedented decision was made and throughout the whole March, electricity supply was not suspended to any customer including commercial customers. (In average, 40,000 customers are disconnected each month due to debt). “During this difficult time, it was a very important collaboration between the company and its customers, because on one hand the company took into account the difficult situation of its customers and refused to carry out disconnections, while on the other hand a large number of customers timely paid their debts or demanded preferential payment terms. Only a small part of the customers did not make payments they neither demanded any debt settlement,” - reports the company.
"In the coming months, there will be significant assistance provided by the Government of Georgia, which will fully reimburse customers for consumption of up to 200 kW/hrs. Accordingly, we are pleased that the number of customers with overdue debt will be significantly reduced. Given that the first shock has passed and most customers will be affected by this subsidy, in April the company plans to continue accumulation of billed amounts in an ordinary regime, including in some cases using a electricity supply suspension procedure. The restrictions primarily apply to those customers who did not pay throughout March electricity arrear for electricity consumed in February or did not agree to preferential payment terms. Also, company will continue discussion of applications of customers for distribution of debt. Customers can apply through the Company Call Center (0322471707), as well as a free web call from the company webpage (, message window in the contact page of the web site, Via e-mail ( and social page (" - declare at EPG.
The company is of a distribution profile that purchases electricity from various suppliers and supplies it to customers. Therefore, failure to fully gather electricity bills will automatically lead to delays in the payment for electricity to suppliers, which may further exacerbate the Company's existing unfavorable financial situation.“The company would like to thank all those employees who, despite the increased risks, continue to operate continuously and ensure the smooth operation of the distribution network or hydropower plants. We wish them and all of our customers health,”- declare at Energy-Pro Georgia.