JSC Enegro-Pro Georgia calls population for maximal observance of safety measures

03 June, 2019
In Spring season, when concetration of citizens in resorts, resting areas and recreational zones is increased, foreseeing the safety rules nearby the electrical facilities, lines, substations is especially actual. JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” warns citizens that in case of entrance at energy objects zone without permission and/or getting closer danger can occur to humans’ life. Accordingly, In places like the mentioned population shall necessarily observe the safety rules.

Touch cables lines on ground surface, channels and well is forbidden, as they are under acting voltage and getting close to them is dangerous for life. Besides, parking of all transportation facilities as well as agricultural vehicles under electricity transmission lines, also arranging the haystack, storing the wooden and other type materials, setting the fire and disposition of field camps is forbidden. Swimming and fishing in the air lines’ protection zone is dangerouse for life. In case of cable cut, getting closer to the cable is forbidden. 

In case if any breakdown or dangerouse situation is noticed in electrical networks, such as wire cut and fall, poles’ falling down, cables that are closer on the ground surface, big sparking, fire and other, corresponding Service Center of Energo-Pro Georgia or company hot line should immediatelly be informed on Number 0322471707.