JSC ENEGRO-PRO Georgia calls for the population to maximally observe safety measures

20 June, 2022

In Spring, when concentration of citizens in resorts, resting areas and recreational zones is increased, observance of the safety rules near the energy facilities, lines, substations and etc is especially important. JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” warns citizens that in case of entering energy object areas without permission and/or getting closer to them may cause danger to human life. Accordingly, in the places mentioned above population must necessarily observe the safety rules.

"It is not allowed to touch the cable lines on the ground, in canals, wells, because they are under voltage and approaching them is life-threatening! Therefore, in order to avoid accidents, we appeal to the population to observe safety rules as much as possible and pay attention to the warning signs placed in the protection zones of high voltage lines, " - said Nugzar Gogua, Chief Engineer of East Georgia Branch of JSC" Energo-Pro Georgia ".

"It should be noted that the population is prohibited from stopping all types of transport and agricultural machinery under the power lines, storing firewood and other materials, starting fires and setting up field camps. Swimming and fishing in overhead line protection zones are life-threatening!“ - said Alex Chapandze, Chief Specialist of Risk Assessment and Normative Documents Division of JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia".

If any breakdown or danger is noticed in electricity networks, such as wire cut and fall, poles’ falling down, cables that are close to the ground surface, big sparkling, fire and other, corresponding Service Center of Energo-Pro Georgia or company hot line should be immediatelly informed through the phone number: 0322471707.