JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” addresses the population in order to protect safety rules

03 August, 2018
During the tourist season, when population in the resort zones significantly increases, protection of safety rules is especially essential, as they should be protected near the electricity transmission lines, substations or other energy facilities.

In case of unauthorized penetration or access to energy security areas, it is possible to endanger human life! Therefore, in such places people must adhere to existing safety rules.

People are not permitted to touch the cable lines on the surface of the land, in the channels and in the wells because they are under the current and approaching them may threaten the life! Besides, it is prohibited to stop or park any types of transport and agricultural machinery under the power transmission lines, to arrange hay mines, stock firewood and other materials, arrange fire and field camps. Swimming and fishing in the protection zone of air transmission lines is not safe for life because the voltage is invisible and dangerous. In case of cable tearing, it is prohibited to approach the area. Also, for the attention of parents, playing of children near the open wires is dangerous for their lives!

If there are any emergency or hazardous conditions in the electricity network such as tearing of cables, falling of the poles, nearing of the wires to the surface of the land, strong sparks, fires and more, one should immediately notify the relevant service center of JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” or contact the company’s hot line.