JSC Energo-Pro Georgia appeals to the population to observe safety rules

13 July, 2020
During the tourist season, when a large number of people gather at resorts, safety rules become especially important, which must be observed in the vicinity of power transmission lines, substations or any other energy facility.
In case of unauthorized entry or approach to energy protection zones, it is possible to endanger human life! Therefore, the population in such places must follow the existing safety rules.

It is not allowed for the population to touch the cable lines on the ground, in canals, wells, because they are under operating voltage and approaching them is life threatening! In addition, it is prohibited to stop all types of transport and agricultural technique under power lines, arrange hay bins, stack firewood and other materials, start fires and deploy field camps. Swimming and fishing in air-line protection zones are life threatening because the voltage is invisible and dangerous. If the wire tears, it is not allowed to approach it. Also, this is a concern for parents, because children playing near open wires is life-threatening!

If there is any emergency or dangerous situation in the electrical wiring, such as torn and falling wires, falling poles, approaching the ground surface by wires, strong sparks, fires, etc., the relevant service center of JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia" or hot line should be immediately notified.