JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia conducts open lessons to public school pupils in regions

11 Nov, 2016
In frame of field popularization project, JSC ENERGO-PRO Gergia held open lessons to public schools’ pupils in regions. The company implements mentioned project along with USAID at 50 public schools around the regions in Georgia. Major goal of the project is popularization of energy and electricity engineering fields, which is the part of the strategy of human resource department of the company.

During the study period, company employees explained to the 8th and 9th grade pupils methods of electricity generation, situations and areas threatening life and health; held practical tests and etc.; In frame of the same project, those schools where the lessons were had been carried out already, received special constructing models of HPPs, warning banners and attendance certificates from the company.

In frame of the field popularization project, Rustavi #4 Public School pupils apart from open lesson visited daughter company of EPG, thermal power plant gPower for the sightseeing tour.

For the purpose of the attraction of more young cadres to the field of power engineering, EPG carries out various projects – company issues grants for the students of the vocational education institutions, gives them the opportunity to undertake practical training at the company with future employment perspective.

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia participates in educational programs and standards renewal processes; also actively is engaged in the re-training of the teachers in the field.