JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia creates Gender Friendly environment at the company

21 Feb, 2017
Improvement of gender balance, promotion of professional development of female workers at the company, implementation of equal career opportunities – all these are the issues on which JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia works actively. With this emphasis since year 2015 company has been in active cooperation with USAID.

Professions and vacancies in the field of power engineering are more attractive for males as they are associated with physical labor. Despite this EPG revised priorities and made decision to engage actively into the process of gender balance improvement in the company.

In this regards, number of regulations and procedures have been implemented in the company. With the purpose to foster popularity of power engineering and electricity fields and attract more females, since 2016 company launched a project in frame of which company female employees visited up to 50 schools around Georgia and held classes to 8th and 9th grade pupils on the topics electricity generation methods, their importance and prospects. Part of pupils were taken on sightseeing tours to company owned HPPs and TTP. The lessons were held by the female employees which was a clear message for the pupils especially girls that the field is attractive for all gender representatives. In total 1500 pupils attended the classes. The project will be of a permanent character.

On the basis of the existing regulations, the filtering of the persons searching for the job is not carried out according to the gender. For the absolute majority of the positions company applies professional testing method, which excludes any subjectivness. In case of an interview, selection committee evaluates candidates based on the preliminarily defined criteria. The selection committee is being composed in view of gender balance.

Company pays great attention to the professional training of the employees ad offers them various courses in English language and computer science; when selecting the students gender balance is maintained.

In the end of 2016 EPG participated in the 3rd global forum “Business for Gender Equality” (Panama), where company achievements in the direction of gender were discussed and evaluated highly.

“Mentioned data is not enough for maintenance of gender balance; however, company works actively in this direction and has already made specific steps from this angle” – said head of the human resource management department Giorgi Trapaidze.