JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia has already submitted information regarding its investment projects to GNEWRC and Deputy Minister of Energy

17 January, 2014
Today a meeting between the management of EPG, Deputy Minister of Energy and GNEWRC has been held at the ministry of energy, where company provided complete information and calculation of necessary investment projects to Irina Milorava chairman of GNEWRC and Deputy Minister Ilia Eloshvili. Total amount of the investment projects approximately amounts GEL 950 mln.

Despite the fact that throughout the years grid rehabilitation activities were held and investments were made, network which was robbed in the past requires more investments and work.

„Company constantly possesses, controls and updates detailed information about our investment projects. We precisely know weaknesses of our grid and were always ready to provide required data. All the projects which we have submitted contain detailed analyses which are supported by specific arguments.“ – said technical manager of EPG Aleko Nemsadze.

EPG welcomes State endeavor to find financing sources of the mentioned projects. On its hand EPG will implement all the projects with the same success as it did the individual re-metering project, for which company deserved numerous gratitude.

EPG continues re-metering of regions. Company serves 980 000 customers. Up to now it has re-metered 750 000 customers and investment only in this regard amounts GEL 200 000 000.

It was decided at the meeting that the other meeting will be scheduled in 2 weeks’ time and concrete priorities will be established there.