JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia meets open season in Adjara prepared

14 July, 2017
JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” has completed two very important projects in Adjara. The first project was preparation for summer tourist season. Within the summer season preparation, the company has undergone full rehabilitation of 7 substations in the region. Also, transformers were replaced at 22 transformer substations, the old underground cables were replaced by new ones. Works were carried out in low and high voltage networks. The company has invested more than 3 million GEL for this project.

Today management of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia has visited the works performed in Adjara on site.

As a result of rehabilitation works, grid infrastructure is being improved a lot, which gives the opportunity to load the grid to the maximum during the touristic season. Through rehabilitated and renewed grid company improves customers service and decreases emergency shut down possibility to the minimum.

The second important project, which JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” completed in Adjara, included individual re-metering of customers.

Individual re-metering in whole Adjara is completed by Khulo region village Rakvati. For the implementation of re-metering project company invested GEL 37 450 000.

European standard meters were installed to all the customers in Adjara; through these meters customers will be able to control their own electricity consumption and pay the bill in accordance to ones own meter.

“By the completion of re-metering in village Rakvati we completed one of the most important projects of our company in Adjara – individual re-metering. Our technical team carried out the works efficiently which fostered improvement of customer service quality. After the completion of re-metering we will continue working on other important projects and investments in the average and high voltage network for provision of its safety and security” – reports the company.