JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia meets summer season at the touristic zones prepared

23 May, 2016
In summer season electricity consumption in touristic zones increases. To provide stable and high quality electricity supply at the resorts, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia makes the focus of its investments on the increase of the network reliability and its rehabilitation. With these purposes in Adjara and Guria regions company carried out millions of GEL investment.

Today reconstruction works at 110 kV substation Batumi 4 were observed by the director general of EPG Mikheil Botsvadze and the Chairman of Adjara Government Archil Khabadze. At present complete reconstruction of the substation takes place, two new transformers were added to the existing one tripling the substation’s capacity of electricity transmission. The works will be completed before the season starts and upgraded substation will provide stable electricity supply of the mostly loaded districts of Batumi.

Apart from that rehabilitation activities are being carried out at 110 kV HV transmission lines Adlia 1 and Adlia 2, these works will also be completed before the commencement of the season. Renewed transmission line will provide stable electricity supply of Batumi city.

Significant rehabilitation works were carried out in Batumi boulevard, the works still continue at other streets in the city. Simultaneously construction of new 35 kV transmission line takes place in Kobuleti, which will improve supply of seaside line of the city in view of increased consumption. Rehabilitation activities were also carried out at 10 kV transmission line supplying electricity to Gonio and Kvariati.