JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia plans to transfer to its balance electricity network of Bakhmaro and Beshumi

20 August, 2018
In course of the fact that Bakhmaro and Beshumi feeding and distribution network is depreciated and in a terrible condition, electricity supply is carried out with interruptions to its customers, safety norms are to be ordered in compliance with the existing standards. JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia discusses taking the network of these two resorts to the company balance, renovation of their energy infrastructure and improvement of electricity supply of both resorts. At present Bakhmaro and Beshumi networks are under the supervision of local municipalities and accordingly, company will start negotiations with their representatives.

We welcome and share rge announcement made by PM of Georgia regarding the improvement of electricity supply at the mentioned resorts. We are confident that with the endieavours of Georgian government tourist infrastructure will be developed at Bakhmaro and Beshumi, which will be a significant insentive for future investments in these touristic zones, for development of small and medium businesses and creation of new work places. All the above is impossible without well functioning electricity network.

After the company aquires these networks, all the activities required for the improvement of infrastructure and network functioning will be planned.