JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia presented 2018 Annual Report in Kakheti

08 Feb, 2019
Management of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia summoned operations results of 2018.
In 2018 company purchased 5 927 mln kW/hrs electricity and pure consumption amounted 5 891.4 mln kW/hrs. In 2018 alike in 2017 indicator of commercial losses calculates 8%.

In 2018 group income amounted GEL 962 mln, GEL 557 mln out of which was allotted for electricity purchase, GEL 147 mln was paid to the State budget, GEL 100 mln was used for investment projects. Company salary fund amounted GEL 77 mln, GEL 46 mln was allotted for the coverage of loan liabilities and other operational expenses amounted GEL 35 mln.

In 2019 company plans to carry out GEL 110.6 mln investment.

In 2018 EPG maintained “BB” rating assigned by rating agency Fitch Ratings. Mentioned rating underlines financial stability and successful operation of the company at the Georgian energy sector; EPG still remains one of the largest investors and employers in the country.

For the purpose of electricity supply improvement, projects were carried out in low and high voltage grid. In frame of 6/10 kv network rehabilitation projects 10 751 pc poles, 553 430 m wires, 44 541 m underground cables, 572 pc transformers were installed. In the 0.4 kV network 6 407 pc poles, 503 215 m Sip cables were installed. As for the new connections project, in frame of it 20872 pc poles, 735926 m Sip cables, 519 690 m wires, 35723 m 6/10 kV cables, 516 pc 6/10-0.4 kV transformers were installed. Also substations and transformer points were rehabilitated as well.

Substantial projects were implemented at HV substations Batumi 1, Batumi 2, Batumi 3, Batumi 5, Megepalace, Iveria, Zugdidi 2, Khidmaghala, Akhaltsikhe, Bakuriani, Dusheti and Lomisi. New voltage power transformers were installed at mentioned substations, 35 kV and 6 kV distribution fields were constructed, buildings of 10 kV distribution devices were repaired, new cells were installed at 10 kV distribution devices, 110 kV current transformers were installed and etc.

Cable line connecting Batumi 2 and Batumi 5 substations was constructed, construction-reconstruction of 110 kV electricity transmission line Marabda 2 was carried out, also 110 kV transmission lines Erge 1, Moashi, Tsemi 1 and Chkhari were rehabilitated. SCADA system revision, prophilactics and testing was carried out at substations Bakuriani, Gudauri, Kobi, Larsi, Poti 4, Goderdzi and Tetritskaro; while at substations Chiatura 1, Chiatura 2, Chiatura 3, Chiatura 4, Chiatura 5, Tkibuli 1, Tkibuli 2 and Tkibuli 3 SCADA system was installed and launched.

Kakheti Energy Distribution Company was moved to EPG ownership a year and a half ago. Mentioned network was in sever condition and its rehabilitation requires serious works and resources. Significant projects are being out at the service centers. The process will continue in 2019-20 years as well. In 2018 GEL 6 mln investment was carried out in Kakheti region.

Significant projects were carried out at Chitakhevi, Ortachala, Ladjanuri and Gumati HPPs. Company owned 15 HPPs showed great performance in view of high generation indicator which amounted 1 820 mln kW/hrs. Also number of successful projects were carried out at Gardabani gas turbine power plant, which was the precondition for the efficient operation of the power plant.

High quality customer service still remains one of the strategic priorities for the company. In this direction in 2018 number of substantial projects were implemented. Customers service management program was improved. Call center employees and customer service specialists undertook trainings in regulations of the sector and improvement of customers service.

In frame of the energy field popularization project, students summer employment program was launched, which represents a completely new initiative and envisages recruitment of young professional cadres. Mentioned project will continue in 2019 actively.

„We introduced regional media representatives with our business activity report of 2018, also discussed plans for 2019. We presented number of important and successful projects which were completed in 2018, discussed improved results in different directions, also talked about deficiencies and shortcomings, which improvement is the key objective of the company. We consider that 2019 will be one of the most important years in the development of the company. Number of investment projects and budget increases more.“ – said Director General of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia Mikheil Botsvadze.

According to Botsvadze company monitors ongoing legislative changes process, which implies creation of new legislative base. “We welcome implementation of European regulations and development of new market model in the country. These changes will provide maximal liberalization of the market, increase of competition and investments in the field. Accordingly on the one hand we will achieve improvement of the service quality and on the other volume of investments will increase at the HPPs owned by ENERGO-PRO” - remarked Mikheil Botsvadze.