On the day of the second round of elections JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia will work in an emergency regime

27 Nov, 2018
On Wednesday, November 28, JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia" will work in an emergency regimeduring the second round of the presidential elections of Georgia as it did during the first round as well. Specially appointed duty groups will work in all districts within 24 hours. Polling stations will have a direct connection with the duty groups. In case ofan accident or other unforeseen event that might causeelectricity shut down, technical service of the company will make a quick and operational response.Also, technical equipment will be mobilized.

Updated list of responsible persons on duty and their contact numbers have already been sent to the Central Election Commission. The CEC representative will have direct contact with the chief dispatcher of the company. Additionally, certain number of generators will be prepared in order to prevent the hindrance of election process due to an unexpected electricity shut down .