"Energo-Pro Georgia" awarded a scholarship to a vocational college student live

12 Nov, 2022
Giorgi Trapaidze, the head of the Human Resources Management Department of JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia", was invited to one of the television programs along with Giorgi Iakobashvili, a student of the energy program of the Vocational College, Academy of Business and Technologies. The discussion was about encouraging and employing energy students.
"As soon as I talked to Giorgi, I realized that he is a motivated young man and most importantly, he has consciously chosen the energy profession. Such young people should definitely be encouraged, so I made a decision right then and there, live, for the company to award him a scholarship. In addition, this will be an example for other young people who have not yet decided to choose the profession of an energy engineer" - said Giorgi Trapaidze, head of the Human Resources Management Department of "Energo-Pro Georgia".
After completing his studies, Giorgi Iakobashvili will receive an offer of employment at "Energo-Pro Georgia". The company hopes that the cooperation will be successful.
"We saw that there was a shortage of future professionals in the field of energy about 7 years ago. We immediately started signing memoranda with all public and private professional colleges where electrical engineering is taught. Since then, we offer students employment with us. When we noticed the lack of students, we established scholarships to encourage them. High-achieving students receive stipends from JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia". We encourage everyone to apply to the faculties of the energy department. After finishing their studies, we will offer them employment at our company," - Giorgi Trapaidze said. He also states that energy engineering is not only a male profession. Therefore, girls and women are encouraged to enroll in the energy faculties of professional colleges. JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia" promises them that they will receive a scholarship during their studies. After completion of their studies, the company will offer them an employment.