Second Stage of Recruitment of the Professional Study Facility Students Started

08 October, 2014
JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia started second stage of the grant program for students of the professional study facilities. 10 more best candidates will receive stipends from the company and after the completion of their education, they will be given the opportunity of employment at the company.

“Ministry of Education and Science has already held united professional test. Deriving from the results students successfully passed the test and also have applied to EPG for the stipend grant will be interviewed. As a result of the interview best candidates will be revealed and granted stipends. At this stage 10 more students will be granted stipends” – said head of HRD of the company Otar Tabatadze.

First stage of the professional study facilities students grant program took place in June 2014. As a result EPG concluded grant agreement with 12 students from 8 professional study facilities. Amount of monthly stipend amounts GEL 150.

Due to the immense interest towards the program, company gives employment opportunity not only to grantees but also other students willing employment at EPG. They undertook medium professional test which was close to the final employment test at EPG. Average result of grantees was 80.1%, as for the rest of the students – 73.4%.

After completion of education at the professional study facilities or at the final stage, all grantees and candidates who received high score at the medium test will be offered 1 or 2 month internship at the company. After the internship the candidates will undertake final employment test and candidates with high scores will be offered employment at EPG.