The reorganization process of companies entering JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia Group has been completed

23 July, 2021
“In accordance with the requirements of the Energy Law, "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" completed the process of separation of business activities within the specified term. The electricity supply and trade businesses were separated from the Distribution (grid owner) Company, and a Holding Company was established. The management structure has also been changed, the companies will be managed by the newly created boards of directors, which have been staffed with experienced and professional personnel” - reads the announcement spread by JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia".

During the transition period, customers will not experience any delays in terms of electricity supply, various services or payments, a specific plan has been developed to ensure this. Customers can contact us with any questions through the hotline and social network.

Within the framework of its obligations under the Association Agreement with the European Union, the Country is implementing significant reforms in the field of energy, a number of agencies have already carried out very fruitful and effective activities during the reform process. Practically, the legislative and/or normative base of the business activity was re-created, a number of new procedures and/or methodologies were developed. "Of course, "ENERGO-PRO" is engaged in this important process, we regularly participate in discussions. We welcome the implementation of European regulations in Georgia, the experience and knowledge of our European colleagues is very important, these reforms will give impetus to the rapid development of the sector. " - said Mikheil Botsvadze, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia Holding".

The most positive thing is that as a result of the reform, the situation will change fundamentally in many directions, market liberalization will increase competition, investment growth will be stimulated, we will actually get alike standard network as in European countries, electricity trade will become more transparent, customers' tariffs will eventually be released from political speculation or pressure, and most importantly, all these will have a positive impact on the quality of customer service. This does not mean that the tariff increase will happen inevitably, on the contrary, we may even get a reduction in some components, instead the business will stabilize, financial or commercial results will be easily predictable, we will be able to prevent risks more effectively, various external factors will not harm companies and accordingly we will no longer have to constantly correct-reduce investment plans.

The reform and implemented new approaches will ensure a way out of this unfortunate circle in the medium term when, on the one hand, the increase of the end-user tariff becomes inevitable, and on the other - we still cannot ensure a significant recovery of the network and consequently reduction of emergency suspensions rate.

"Now the most important is to complete the process, to successfully launch the energy exchange, to conduct all processes based on the principles of justice, and "ENERGO-PRO" in its turn continues to be involved in the process and full support of the reforms," - said Mikheil Botsvadze.