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16 Nov, 2023

An informational meeting related to the electoral reform was held at JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia".

The representatives of the Central Election Commission held an information meeting for the employees of "Energo-Pro Georgia". The presentation was about the holding of Georgian parliamentary elections using electronic technologies.
13 Nov, 2023

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" invested GEL 2,000,000 for the rehabilitation of the power transmission line

The rehabilitation and reconstruction of the high-voltage transmission line "Chkhari" has been completed. The mentioned line supplies electricity to Racha region and Tkibuli municipality.
20 October, 2023

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" built a new substation at Goderdzi resort

Goderdzi resort is supplied with electricity from a new, modern substation. The high-voltage substation has already been put into operation, and subscribers are gradually being connected to it.
16 October, 2023

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" is still the largest employer in Georgia

"ENERGO-PRO Georgia" maintains one of the leading positions among the largest employing companies. According to GEOSTAT data, the company is in the TOP 10 employer companies.
06 October, 2023

"Energo-Pro Group" purchased 167 MW ten hydro power plants in Spain

Independent producer of electricity, Czech company "Energo-Pro" a.s. expands its activities in Galicia, Spain. The Company completed Xallas Electricidad y Aleaciones, S.A.U ("Xeal") and Feroe Ventures & Investments S.L.U. ("Feroe") acquisition of 100% equity capital of companies from leading global investment firm SIXTH STREET. This is one of the largest Czech investments in Spain. To finance the transaction, "Energo-Pro" a.s. received a loan of 300 million EUR from J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Xeal owns and operates ten hydro power plants with a capacity of 167 MW and two ferrosalloy plants.
22 September, 2023

The interns received an employment offer from "ENERGO-PRO Georgia"

Summer, paid internship program, which ran from July 17 to September 17, was successfully completed at "Energo-Pro Georgia" JSC. Most of the 13 interns have already received job offers from the company.
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