Existing Customer / Network Modification

Transfer-Reconstruction of Distribution Network

Issues related to the movement of the electrical distribution network (110/35/10/6/0,4kv voltage electricity transmission line, transformer point, electrical facility etc.) are regulated by resolution No 366, December 24, 2013 of Government of Georgia by what “Rule of  protection of  electrical network line constructions and  their protection zone” is approved.  According to the subparagraph “a” of first part of Article 4 of this resolution, movement of electric distribution network is carried out at expense of person interested in movement in accordance with the technical specifications established by the owner of electricity distribution network.
Herewith, JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” expresses its readiness  to act  in accordance with the resolution No 366 of Government of Georgia and in case of consent  given  by the applicant in the written form  issue technical specifications required for the movement of electrical distribution network.

At the request of the customer it is possible to reconstruct the distribution network, including the metering node. This requires an appropriate contract with the distribution network operator. The system operator is obliged to demand a one-time reimbursement of the costs incurred by the customer for the provision of this request, in accordance with the pre-concluded contract. However, the customer request can be fulfilled under standard or non-standard conditions. The system operator is obliged to define and make publicly available the distribution network, including the metering node, reconstruction, complete technological cycle of service, standard and non-standard conditions, term and cost of service. It is authorized to set different prices for standard conditional services according to the term of work, voltage, capacity, type of consumption, as well as the place of work to be performed and / or other criteria. However, the offer of the same service by the system operator to different persons (users) using the system must be carried out under equal contract terms.

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Metering knot reconstruction form

Grid Reconstruction/Modernization form

Network Reconstruction Form