Change of Customer

In Case of non residential customer

Changing of the owner of consumer’s legal form or its real estate or the part of it (except for the registration request as customer by allocated property owner–nonresidential request) does not represent the ground for payment or change of the cost of new consumers connection to the distribution network for consumer (or new consumer).

Applicant should apply JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” with correspoding form attached with written consent of the existing customer on registration as customer (in case of temporary owning of the area), also the letter of cancelling the existing customer.

In case of change of customer, it is mandatory to fill out the electricity supply contract.

Filled in form of customer’s change can be sent to the following e-mail:

Annex download here:

Annex 2: Non-residential (universal) (GEO)

Annex 3: Non-residential (public supplier) (GEO)

Customer change form