Temporary Connection

Up to one week connection without meter

Customer who wants to consume electricity without metering by the individual meter for temporary purpose determined in advance upon mutual agreement with the company (electric welding, plastering and etc), writes application on temporary connection (for up to 1 week period).Temporary connection to the network with the individual meter without metering is possible to be done in following cases:
· Capacity due to connection does not exceed 10 kW at 220 V (so named “phase zero”)
· Capacity due to connection does not exceed 30 kW at 380 V (so named “3 Phase”)

Place of the connection, number of the customer (if it is registered as customer), exact name of the customer, personal number/identification code, factual and legal address, list of the electric facilities to be applied with their features (Capacity , voltage and etc.), number of the working days and hours when the consumption is planned for fulfillment should be indicated into the application.

System operator reviews the application of the person who wants connection without meter within 10 working days and makes decision on satisfaction of the request. Applicant shall carry out the works ( with own expenses) and inform System Operator on his that itself will ensure connection to the network.

Ground: Paragraph 17 of Article 24 of “Electricity distribution network rules” of Resolution No 19 of Georgian Energy and Water Supply Regulatory National Commission” – “ Person who wants to be connected and System Operator are authorized to agree on connection of the facility to the distribution network, apply and billing method without individual metering”. If determination of consumed electricity volume is impossible and agreement of the parties does not foresee other condition, definition of the consumed electricity should be carried out by multiply of installed capacity of the facility(ies) at object, 0,5 coefficient of their load and 8 hours operation”

Billing of the consumed electricity without individual metering by mutual agreed method is for one time use and should not exceed seven calendar days.

Annex download here: Application form of connection for un metered term (for up to 1 week)